ABout Wild Goose Farm at Prairie Crossing

At Wild Goose Farmwe believe in a holistic approach to farming. We aim to improve the health of the land through providing habitat for wildlife, implementing fertility methods that improve the soil which will thus provide healthy and great tasting produce. Our faith in God is at the center of our farm. We believe we ought to be stewards of the land, making sure we keep it healthy and beautiful, and in return, the produce that the land provides keeps us healthy. Our farm is organically certified through Midwest Organic Services Association.

Our Core Values

We endeavor to be good stewards of Creation. As followers of Jesus, we believe we are called to care for the land-the trees, plants, and wildlife- with respect and compassion. We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Instead we seek natural solutions to improve soil health and control pests.

Sustainability means that the land is growing healthier and stronger through our farming practices. We use crop rotations, "green manures", habitat creation, and a combination of hand and tractor cultivation in order to improve the health of our land.

We strive to serve the community through offering high quality organic produce, and opportunities for people to reconnect with their food and the land. We believe it’s important to know from where our food comes and that food tastes better when you know the person who grew it! We sell directly to customers through local farmers’ markets and a CSA (Community Suppored Agriculture) program.  Go to our Venues page to learn more about how to purchase our produce. We also believe high quality produce should be available for everyone. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing produce to our local food pantries.

Meg Runyan
Wild Goose Farm
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